Open Bids
Bid # Alternate Id Buyer Description Purchase Method Bid Opening Date Bid Holder List
20DPP00545 Bryan Birchmeier T2535 - Lease, Closed-End, 5-Year, Truck/Tractor, Tandem Axle, Class 8, with Preventive Maintenance Blanket 05/04/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00541 Valerie Taylor T2910 - Medical & Escort Transportation Services: DMAVA - Vineland Veterans Home (Supplemental) Blanket 06/03/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00532 Christopher Rubi T0208 - Fabricated & Prefabricated Structures: Portable Sanitation Units Blanket 05/21/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00531 Shana Fletcher T3119 New Jersey Study on Disparity in State Procurement- Department of the Treasury Blanket 04/15/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00527 Amanda McMullen T2955 - Firefighter I, II and Hazmat: Awareness and Operations Training Programs Blanket 05/05/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00506 Shana Fletcher T0894- Auditing Services, Acute Care Hospital Common Audit Program Blanket 08/11/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00498 Brenda Tran T2637 Insurance and Real Estate License Examinations and Selected Services Blanket 06/26/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00492 Michelina Groninger T2890 Residential Re-entry Programming & Services-NJSPB Blanket 07/28/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00491 Valerie Taylor T2931 - Custom Farm Services for Field Operations - DEP Blanket 06/19/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00485 Kristopher Centofanti T0635 - Sewage Sludge Collection Services for Various Prisons Blanket 05/27/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00484 Sepideh Ghorbani T0097 Automotive Lubricants Blanket 05/15/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00480 Juliana Pastuzyn T1683 Independent Health Care Appeals Program: Independent Utilization Review Organization Blanket 05/20/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00475 Christopher Rubi T2967 Green Acres Program - Title Searches Blanket 04/16/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00474 Barbara Van Vliet T3101 - Replacement Investment Systems Platform (RISP) Blanket 06/05/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00471 Courtney Iversen T1628 - Enhanced Motor Vehicle Inspection Maintenance System Blanket 05/28/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00468 Jeffrey Alexander T1087 SNAP EBT FOR DHS Blanket 05/28/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00466 Christopher Rubi T2664 - Printing: Newborn Screening Request Blood Test Forms: IEM-1 and IEM-1A (DOH) Blanket 05/20/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00463 Amanda McMullen T3097 - Fee-For-Service (FFS) Transition Consultant Review Blanket 06/11/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00442 Shana Fletcher T1392 Health Benefits Coordinator for NJ FamilyCare Managed Care Programs Blanket 08/18/2020 02:00:59 PM
20DPP00441 Joseph Woodside T3078 Integrated Tax System Blanket 06/03/2020 02:00:59 PM
19DPP00412 Kathy Tran T2774 - Front End Mail Receipt & Pre-Processing Services - DORES Blanket 05/20/2020 02:00:59 PM
19DPP00408 Samantha Brandbergh T2432 Recycled, Paper- Napkins, Towels, Toilet Tissue for Distribution and Support Services Blanket 05/01/2020 02:00:59 PM
19DPP00373 Erik Castaldo T2548 - NJDEP Grounds Maintenance Term Contract Blanket 05/19/2020 02:00:59 PM