Open Bids
Bid # Alternate Id Buyer Description Purchase Method Bid Opening Date Bid Holder List
17DPP00123 Mark Gilbert T3060 Crawler/Dozer, Screened Cab Enclosure, Low Ground Pressure, Diesel, with Min. 2 Cu. Yd. Blade Blanket 04/13/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00120 Sepideh Ghorbani T2960 Tractor, 50,000 lb. GVWR Cab & Chassis, Tandem Axle, with Rear Mounted Winch Blanket 04/11/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00119 Shana Fletcher T3035 Hospital Incentive Program Blanket 04/07/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00116 Mark Gilbert T3074 Heavy Duty Regenerative Air Street Sweeper With Twin Gutter Brooms, Mounted On Truck Chassis Blanket 03/29/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00115 Megan Tagliaferri T1619 Medical Consulting: External Quality Review Organization Blanket 05/03/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00114 Kristi Thomas T2760 OEM Automotive Parts and Accessories for Light Duty Vehicles Class 4 or Lower Blanket 04/21/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00113 Rory Regan T2702 - NJDEP Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Examination Blanket 04/28/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00111 Jawad Karamali T0114 - LIBRARY & SCHOOL SUPPLIES Blanket 04/06/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00107 Robert Pavia T3066 Actuarial Services: Contract Actuarial Consulting Firms - DOBI and Statewide Blanket 05/16/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00105 Donald Warren Universal Truck, 19,500 lb. GVWR Crew Cab & Chassis, DRW, 4WD, with Various Bodies (T-3063) Blanket 03/30/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00094 Rory Regan T1318 - Audit of the State's Federal Programs and Awards Blanket 04/18/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00064 Christine Murphy T0115 Scientific Equipment Accessories Supplies and Maintenance Statewide Blanket 04/25/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00062 Kelly Anderson T3029 - Science Assessment Program Blanket 06/20/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00061 Dia Ganney T2677 Emissions Technical Education Program (ETEP) Blanket 04/07/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00059 Shana Fletcher T-1932; Contracted System Administrator for New Jersey Division Children's System of Care Blanket 04/20/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00058 Dia Ganney T3004 Waterway Debris Assessment Services for Disasters Blanket 04/07/2017 02:00:59 PM
17DPP00046 Jawad Karamali T0106 - Law Enforcement Firearms Equipment and Supplies Blanket 04/06/2017 04:51:00 PM
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